An Update on the Wider United Church of Christ

Obviously, the big news in the wider UCC is that we will soon have a full conference staff. Rev. Samantha Houser and Rev. Ellis Arnold will begin serving as Associate Conference Ministers on February 1st, and followed by Rev. Darrell Goodwin a couple of weeks later.

Rev. Samantha Houser will be the ACM located geographically in the state of South Dakota. She will continue working out of the SD conference office in Sioux Falls with the same administrator, Karen Peters.

In April, Barb Paulson and I will be going to Sioux Falls for board training involving mission and vision in the South Dakota conference.

We have offered to host the spring meeting of the Black Hills Association in our church on May 5th, and are waiting to hear back from the association moderator. If our church does host the meeting, I encourage all of you to attend.

Finally, Hunter Rice and I will both be attending the General Synod of the United Church of Christ this summer, so keep us in prayer!


Pastor Dustin