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Never place a period... where God has placed a comma. -Grace Allen

Pastoral Corner



Sisters and Brothers,

Stop reading this. 

Instead, take a moment and think about why you are a friend or member of the Custer Community Church?

(It’s okay. Really think about it. I’ll wait)

Here’s my next question: Is that a reason someone else might want to become a friend or member of the Custer Community Church? 

If the answer is “Yes,” then my last question is this: Have you told anyone why you’re a part of our church, and have you invited them to come and see for themselves?

In the month of May, the church council is inviting you to invite a friend to church. We believe that this is a truly special community of faithful and faith-filled people; that this is a place in which people experience love, acceptance, and spiritual growth; and that these blessings are meant to be shared!

Sometimes, the church can be a little bit like Las Vegas – “What happens in church, stays in church.” But it shouldn’t be that way. Our friends and neighbors should get the chance to experience all the reasons for being a part of the Custer Community Church.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ve already thought of at least one good reason to come to our church. Now share it with someone, invite them to come, and let them see for themselves that this is one of the most welcoming places in the world!


Rev. Dustin Bartlett